April 24, 2005
Andres C. Guevara Jr.
NO 1. The Dietary Law and even Ceremonial laws was addressed and given only by God to the nation Israel specifically.- Leviticus 11:1-23,41-47; Leviticus 17:10-16.

2. The Dietary Law for the Jews was being practiced and in effect during "THEOCRATIC GOVERNMENT" in the nation of Israel in order for them to have a well and healthy physical condition.
Example: Daniel ("pulse" - v.12) eats only vegetables. - Daniel 1:10-16

3. The New Testament gentile believers who are not Jews were not forbidden but being advised by Apostle James who is the leader of Jerusalem council to abstain and not eat in order to avoid being stumbling block to those Jewish believers. (Who hold and used to practice the Law of Moses in the Old Testament- transition period). - Acts 15:19-20; Acts 21:21, 25; I Corinthians 8:7-13.

4. Other religious denomination like the Seventh Day Adventist claimed that they are spiritual Israelites comes from the race of Abraham in order to prove that they do not need to eat those forbidden for they are under the dietary law doctrine.

Note: The Bible said to those who claimed themselves as a Jew which where in fact not is of Satan. - Revelation 2:9
I am a Filipino and not a real Jew.

5. The Dietary Laws of the Israelites was fulfilled by Christ and has none effect today.

     a. The Law and the Prophets is until John the Baptist only.
- Luke 16:16
Example: The Scriptures proves that those religious leaders who claimed they are prophets are false prophets.

--Ellen G. White a prophetess and founder of Seventh Day Adventist.
--Joseph Smith the prophet and Founder of Mormons (church of the latter day saints)
--Felix Manalo- an angel and founder of 1914 Iglesia ni Cristo in the Philippines
--Charles Taze Russel- founder of Jehovah Witnesses

Note: All of the above names mentioned are teaching the dietary laws is still in effect and need to be practiced today.

     b. The Law would pass away if fulfilled. It will pass away even in Israel. - Luke 21:32
In Matthew 5:17,18 - Christ have said that He will fulfill the Law and when it was fulfilled, the Law will pass away (referred to dietary and all ceremonial laws).

     c. Christ redeemed us from the Law- (Galatians 3:13,14; Romans 10:4).
Note: In Hebrews 9:11-26 Christ fulfilled all types of Laws like the dietary and ceremonial laws that was commanded and given exclusively to Israel.
Note: However, the moral Laws of God are still in effect. These do not changed. All of these was brought to the New Testament at was declared in much stronger ways and given much more emphasis than the Old Testament.

6. The Dietary Law is a devilish doctrine in the New Testament. - I Timothy 4:1-3

     a.) Nowhere in the New Testament teaches about dietary laws instead many epistles teaches it must be received through prayer by the believer and of the one who is in the truth.- I Timothy 4:3-4,5.
Note: Evidently, those religious sects that teach that we sinned when we disobeyed the dietary laws and therefore we can not get to heaven since it is commanded by God are ministers and instruments by the demon.

Note: The Medical doctor and some specialist who never instructs us that once we eat of those foods that can badly affect and ruin our health condition we can no longer get to heaven are being used by God and not by the devil. Health is a different issue and Heaven is another subject. Health is not requirement in going to heaven.

     b.) The Lord Jesus himself blessed those multitudes of fishes and distributed to thousands of people. The New Testament did not make an issue of what type of fish that Christ has given; does it mean that Christ sinned? We should consider carefully that there are various races witnessed the miracles and many Israelites were also present. - John 6:5-12

7. Dietary Laws should not judge Christians.

      a.) We should not judge those who eat- Romans 14:3, 4; Colossians 2:16,17

      b.) Those who can eat everything have the faith. Romans 14:2.

      c.) Our spirituality is not based on what you eat or do not eat.- I Corinthians 8:8,9; Romans 10:17

      d.) The meal or food is unclean only to those who think or considered it unclean.
-. Romans14:14

      e.) All food or meal is good and need not to be rejected. -I Tim.4:4, 5

      f.) It is better not to eat than to cause a brother to stumble.- Romans 14:21

      g.) Whosoever eat doubting committed sin.-.Romans 14:20,22-23

      h.) We can eat all whatever sold at the market provided it is not against our conscience..- I Corinthians. 10:25
      The fool asked: "Could we eat nails?"
      Christians answered: "If it is not against your conscience you can

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