Andres C. Guevara Jr.
July 14, 2004

1. We need to cleanse and change our garments.Let us not allow the worldly, wrongly and wickedly dress fashion to be one of the gods in our lives.-Genesis 35:2
Therefore, God wants to change not only our heart but also our dress appearance.

2. The ladies lifestyle of dressing should not draw attention purposely for the beauty and costly of the garments but draw attention for their modesty as a woman.
I Timothy 2:9-10 makes it clear that God has something to say about how women dress. He is interested in both your appearance and your heart. He is not only interested in your heart. It is not truthful to say that God does not care how you dress, as long as your heart is right. These verses make it clear that appearance is important. Most Christians do not want anyone to talk about how to dress, but here in this passage of scripture, God is telling the people in the church of Ephesus how to dress.

In I Timothy 2:9-10, Paul uses three words that describe the kind of apparel that women should wear:
A. Orderly Clothing - "Kosmeo' - Order (in tagalog language "KAANYUHAN / KAAYUSAN")
We get our word, cosmetics from this word. It means to, "To adorn, arrange, put in order." It implies harmonious orderly arrangement, instead of rumpled, uncoordinated chaos.
I Timothy 2:9 says "woman adorn themselves". Adorn means to bring beauty (Beauty as a woman and not appearance as a man).

B. Modest Clothing 'Aidos" Shamefacedness (in tagalog language "KAHINHINAN / KAHIHIYAN")
This describes the state of mind that governs dress: respectful timidity, not showy, honoring others, not attracting attention. It is a blend of modesty and humility.
George Knight explains the meaning of "shamefacedness" in this way: Reverence, awe, respect for the feeling or opinion of others or for one's own conscience and to shame, self-respect... sense of honour.- George Knight, Commentary on Ephesians, P134 William Hendrickson suggests that shamefacedness 'indicates a sense of shame, a shrinking from trespassing the boundaries of propriety." - William Hendrickson, New Testament Commentary, p106
Shamefacedness is that modesty which is fast or rooted in the character. (Vine's complete expository dictionary or old and new testament words)
I Timothy 2:9 says "modest". (Webster defined it as not being forward which is not daring or bold but shy or reserved; or means dressing in a way that is consider proper or decorous and decent; and also it means quiet and humble in appearance, style, etc.-(WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY)
I Timothy 2:9 says, "apparel". Apparel (Greek KATASTOLE) to send down in a draping fashion. (It was not tight or close to the skin or showing indecent part of woman's body.)

C. Moderate Clothing "Sophrosunes", or Sobriety (KAHINAHUNAN)
This word calls for "soundness of mind, self control, passions and desires, a self control which holds the reins over Propriety" It is a word that implies moderation; humility; honorable to God; self control; hating sin.
It means "That habitual self government with it's constant reign on all it's passions and desires, which would hinder the temptation from arising..." (Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament words).

3. All women are accountable to all men, as she aroused his desires and eventually was enticed because of her dress lifestyle with lusting appearance.-Matthew 5:28
Most if not all, men were attracted or enticed and tempted on what they see. (Seeing that leads to thinking)
As the Bible mentioned "shamefacedness" which is AIDOS. Aidos is having regard to others; it is the stronger word. AIDOS would always restrain a good man from an unworthy act. (Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament words).
A woman who hates sin would have shame to tempt in any way. This is why Jesus is so clear about causing other people to stumble.--Matthew 18:6-10

mini-Shorts (extremely very short)
Low necklines
Slits above the knee
Bathing suits
Tight clothing or tight jeans
Bra-less clothing
Revealed midriff
See-through clothing
Cycling shorts

4. All Christian women should not wear the garments that pertain to the harlot.-Proverbs 7:10; Isaiah 47:1-5
In verse 1 of Isaiah 47 teaches that woman should be tender and delicate.
In verse 2 it says that these women uncover their locks, bare their legs, and uncover the thigh.
In verse 3 it shows us that women should cover their nakedness and shamefacedness should be seen.
In verse 4 it reminds the women about holiness for God is their redeemer.
In verse 5 teaches that lifestyle dress code affects your Christianity or as child of God's kingdom.

5. The devil promotes nudity-Luke 8:27; Acts 19:16
God provides coverings for Adam and Eve-Genesis 3:21
When the maniac of Gadara that was possessed by the evil spirit has been healed and come to know and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and got saved, apparently wear clothes for covering for he was naked before-Luke 8:35,27
We should therefore promote covering, for it was pleasing to God and not little coverings that would possibly lead to support nudity that is in favor for the devil. The shorter the coverings the nearer it promotes the fashion of the devil.

6. Women should not wear a garments that pertains to a men, likewise men is forbidden to wear garments that pertains to women for it is abomination unto the Lord-Deuteronomy 22:5
Although it was commanded in the Old Testament, God do not agreed some things on the Old Testament but later He would hate them in the New Testament.
Ceremonial laws are commanded to the Jews to show to the gentiles that Israel is chosen nation of God.
Examples: Eating not of fork, shellfish, etc.; mixing of garments. These all purposely mandated to show difference of Jews from the Gentiles.
Moral laws referred to and explained the right and wrong things-Colossians 2:14-17
The Crucifixion of Jesus fulfilled and done away all the ceremonial laws. However, the moral laws still in effect and become much stronger for all. The Modesty of Woman dress is a moral law. All the women believers in the Old Testament should not be different from all Christian women of today.
The word "wear" in Deuteronomy 22:5 have a meaning "take a step toward" or "become" while the word "pertain" have a meaning "vessels" or "instruments".
The objective of men's garments is to wear to emphasize work, whereas the purpose of woman garments is let her wear in order to show submission and modesty.

7. God made a clear distinction between man and woman.
The Jeans is called "breeches" in Exodus 28:42 (in tagalog word for Filipinos are salawal, pantalon, kalson) and obviously this was only being used by men. Examples:
In the mall and department stores or restaurants we can see the sign image of a woman who wear skirt and men who wear pant at the door of each comfort room.
To make the film realistic about the lesbian, the actress should wear jeans or pants.
When there is a commotion between the couple in the home, the angry men will shout "who wear pants in this house?" or "Who should be the one wearing pants".
The goal of the parent is to raise a boy who will become masculine image and a girl will grow into a feminine stature and personality.
If we want produce a real man we should rear them like a man. If we want to produce a real woman we should rear them like a woman.

Please answer the following:
Necklace ----------------------- man ( ) woman ( )
Hose ----------------------------man ( ) woman ( )
Lipstick ------------------------man ( ) woman ( )
Silky shirts --------------------man ( ) woman ( )
Earrings ------------------------man ( ) woman ( )
Blue Jeans ----------------------man ( ) woman ( )

8. If one thing is abominable unto God (Deuteronomy 22:5), therefore God hates if it is wear in public or private places.
Can we call it biblical conviction or strong principle if a woman dressed in modesty in the church then wear jeans, pants, short, mini-skirt in the market, school, home, mall, and in the offices?
Everywhere and whatsoever we do is our way of worship to God-Romans 12:1. Our God that we worship in the church is the God we need to glorify and please wherever we go and not be abominable.

9. Disregarding the style of the pant, undeniable it is still a pant.
mini-Short; extremely very short (lustful for woman)-Matthew 5:28
Jogging pants
Hanging pants
Square pants
Tight jeans

How about slacks?
a. The Bible commanded us that men should not wear garments that pertaineth to a women and vise versa--Deuteronomy 22:5
Long pants and slacks are the same. When a man wears it they called it long pant and when a lady wears it they called it slack. There is no difference. Therefore, the woman looks like a man and erased the identification of gender that God wants to emphasize in Deuteronomy 22:5. We need not only consider the context of the passages but we also carefuly considered the principle of the Holy Word of God. Of course, if we consider the said context we should also fairly apply today and use the ancient garments of that centuries for men and women. The question, why not wear today in our generation those kind of garments of the Hebrews or Jewish women and garments of men of that time. Therefore, since garments differ from culture to culture; generation to generation, of every kindred and nations but still the principle of the God's Word never changes and still true today and forever. Men should not wear garments that pertaineth to a women and likewise women should not wear garments that pertaineth to men.
b. In the earlier 1900 no slacks can be seen on woman fashion. It was only originated and created by world's designers without scriptural basis as guidelines.
c. Slacks is still in line with the family of pants that has a little difference on the cut at the waistline portion which is based on women's curve body shape and the buttocks.
d. Gay as an abomination in the sight of God (Romans 1:26-28), has the same mind view with the woman of the world concerning slacks.

10. Historical perspective on modesty
Understanding the times is a Christian virtue. And, viewing the flow of history, through a biblical filter, is the way that history should be understood. So, a few years ago I read a book by Jeff Pollard, Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America, where he documents a historical perspective on modesty. Among other things, the book chronicles the reasons for the drift away from modesty in the last one hundred years.
Over the last hundred years, we have had, as Jeff Pollard has said, "The public undressing of America." What was illegal in clothing 100 years ago, and would cause your arrest, is now popular and accepted everywhere - even in churches.
1890's: Swimwear was modified street clothing
1910: Arms were exposed
1920: You would be arrested if you appeared in a modest 21st century bathing suit
1920's: Legs and backs were exposed
1930's: Cleavage (in tagalog=biyak or hati sa dibdib ng babae) was exposed and men began to swim bare chested.
1935: Two piece bathing suits appeared with a small break between upper and lower half
1940's: New fabrics appeared which hugged the body
1960's: Navels (in tagalog= pusod) were exposed

Today: Anything goes... One piece suits with fabrics like skin that really leaves nothing to the imagination and bikinis of various categories prevail as normal.
Today, the fashions are so pervasively broadcast over every media outlet that everyone dresses the same when they swim. Movies and TV have so popularized nakedness, that if you challenge it, you are not thought of as being very accepting. In fact, if you do cover your body it seems odd.

11. The purpose of Clothing
If you look at what scripture says about clothing, you find that clothing is meant for covering the body, not revealing it. Scripture tells us that sin is the reason for the need to clothe the body. Since the fall, we are no longer naked and unashamed.
Genesis 3:7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.
Genesis 3:10 And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.
Genesis 3:21 "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God made coats of skins, and clothed them." The word "coats" is translated in other places "tunics" or "garments" and they usually refer to clothing that completely covers the body.
Scripture adequately answers the question, "Why clothing"? The answer, 'To cover nakedness."
But if you go to the shopping malls to look for clothing and walk the streets and the beaches to see what folks were wearing, you would think that the purpose of clothing was to reveal your body to excite and entice men, not cover it. The predominance of tight shirts, halter tops, string bikinis, tube tops, mini skirts, belly shirts, swimwear, and athletic clothing tell the story quite effectively.
The joys of swimming or opportunities for participation in certain types of athletics are not adequate reasons to ignore God's purpose for clothing. But, there are hosts of people in our churches who think that if you are swimming or competing in track and field, it is ok to go half naked or wear revealing clothing.
We have done with clothing the same thing we have done with art. It is exempt from biblical evaluation. For example, most everyone reveres the artistic contributions of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, who are arguably the most talented painters and sculptors in the history of mankind. Who were these men? Their works were primarily influenced by pagan Greek philosophy which glorified and exposed the naked body. Under the influence of homosexuality, they produced some of the most adored homoerotic sculptures and paintings of the gay community. We call it art.
Somehow, in the evangelical community, art and fashion have become exempt from biblical evaluation. Call naked sculpture "art", and modern swimwear "fashion", if you will, but let's just be honest and give it the other label it deserves: public nakedness. Unfortunately for swimwear shoppers, public nakedness is forbidden in the Bible.

12. Some arguments or alibis:
1. "I am not comfortable wearing long skirts"
Answer: The Bible will be our guide and authority not our choice and feelings.

2. "There are some sports that is hard to play if wearing skirts"
Answer: It is better not to join that sports if you look manly and funny.

3. "It is hard to find skirts below the knee and all are designed with slit above the knee where my thighs appears".
Answer: She needs to learn to sew or go to the dressmaker.

4. "It is just a small matter that a woman wear pants or jeans."
Answer: Let God be the final say as a judge how valuable is the woman's modesty and man's dress code in His sight- Deuteronomy 22:5

5. "It is today's fashion"
Answer: Who is behind the fashion? They are unbelieving designers without the Spirit of Christ.

The world is not contented and consistent in one fashion to another and sometimes without the guidelines of moral standard. Fashion or style is not bad as long as it does not violate the modesty and sobriety standard of the Scriptures-I Timothy 2:9. It is alright if we do not prioritize today fashion as long as we please God. God's comments are more important than man's criticisms.

6. "I do not have any skirts below the knee but all pants and jeans"
Answer: Next time you shop, never buy any garments for men but start buying and stock more ladies long skirts. Give all your pants, jeans to all your male friends, and love ones so to avoid any temptation that force you to wear whenever you open the cabinet. Do not secretly love those items.

7. "But Deuteronomy 22:5 is only mentioned once, so it does not give us much emphasis"
Answer: The Bible mentioned John 3:16 once, do we need to accept it?

8. "How about when we are going to have some bodily warm up and exercise at the gymnasium or physical fitness center for there is a required suit for those who join?"
Answer: It is better to do it at home than going to gym and compromise. You can watch them at TV and follow instructions.

9. "Why are some Baptist Churches allowed their members to wear pants, shorts, mini-skirts, bathing suits, and tight clothes?"
Answer: Let the Bible is our final authority and not any denomination. Follow Bible conviction and not man's preference.

Let us follow the obedient Baptists not the disobedient Baptists. Find a church that preaches fully, completely, exactly what the Scriptures say. Look for a church that pleases God and not men.

10. "How about those tribes man who bare their body and only few clothes covering their sensitive part of their body?", "How about those people in other few coutries such as Scotland where in some of the men wear a garment that looks like a skirt of a woman?"
Our priority as a Christian is the biblical not the cultural.

Why we need to question them if they do not yet know Jesus Christ as their Savior. They are still unsaved and without knowing how to be saved and how to dress or appear as a saved. And if she/he become a Christian, someone need to disciple them and taught them how important the Christian dress code in the sight of God.

If you are questioning the unsaved the way they dress it is like questioning the unsaved why they smoke cigarette and drink liquor and questioning some prostitute why they dance and sell their body to their customer. You need to question yourself if you are a Christian if you disobey the clear, godly, scriptural teaching of the Bible.

11. "But I will not be accepted by the employer where I am applying for a job if I will follow the Biblical teaching of the Dress code"
Answer: You should not accept that job instead you must hold on the Scriptural principles with regards to Christian Dress Code. Pray and seek God's guidance to lead and give you a right employer where you can apply and stand for the biblical conviction about modest apparel.