July 31, 2005
Andres C. Guevara Jr.


      In the late 1960's or early 1970's there was a rock-n-roll opera called "Hair". It was during the days of change in America's youth, when all values were being re-examined. Outlandish hairstyles began to be commonplace around the world. The men and boys who had flat tops and normal hairstyles off the ears and collars began growing hair over their ears, pony tails, afros, and perms. Woman began to cut their hair short like men and dying it bright colors.

      Does it mean anything? Does it really matter to God how I wear my hair? God is extremely interested in our appearance (that which meets the eye) since we belong to Him.

The Bible makes a clear distinction between the man and the woman. They were created to fill two different roles, and there is to be a clear distinction between the sexes. Have you ever had to do a double-take to see if someone was male or female? It's all attributed to worldly hairstyles.

The only men who had long hair in the Bible were:

(1) The Nazarite (Numbers 6:1-12); Judges 13:4-5; Judges 16:4-31) Do your parents have a vow with God since before your birth?

(2) The Rebel, Absolom's long hair revealed his rebellious. It made him feminine and proud (he cut his hair once a year and weighed it). It led to his death. (II Samuel 14:25-26; II Samuel 18:9; II Samuel 15:1-12). Are you a rebel?

The Lord Jesus Christ did not have long hair for the following reasons:

(1) The Lord Jesus Christ was not a Nazarite; He was a Nazarene, for He lived in the city of Nazareth (Matthew 2:23).


(2) Christ way of life would not contradict His own instructions in I Corinthians 11:14-15.

(3) Historically, it was common in the days of Christ that men have short hair. Herod and Nero had short hair, not long. Among the numerous Roman emperors who wear short hair in the pictures during and after the time of Christ were General Pompey, the Emperor Trajan, Julius Caesar, Caesar Augustus and King Herod Agrippa the First of Judaea, a Jew by religion, who ruled shortly after the time of Christ. These men set the example of short hair for men during the time of Christ. (From author, Philip Vollmer, The Modern Student's Life of Christ, pp.  286).

(4) We know that Christ is a Priest, and the Jewish priests wore their hair short in Ezekiel 44:20. The Jewish Talmud states that all priests should have their hair cut once every thirty days. The Talmud further tells us exactly what hairstyle-the 'Julian'-or what we would call a Caesar cut. There are numerous other references to cutting hair in the Talmud.

(5) The Artists never saw Jesus. The pictures and paintings of Jesus depict Him with long hair. Realize most of the paintings were done 1500 to 1800 years after Christ left this earth. Jesus was a carpenter, not a longhaired hippie gang. Why some artist portrayed the Apostles typically with short hair; whereas the image of their master looks like an effeminate hippie? It is an insult and a mock for the Son of God!

The church at Corinth had problems. Corinth was a very wicked city with 2,000 temple prostitutes. There were effeminate men in the city that had been saved. God did not want them to cross the bridge back to the world.


1. Woman's long hair for head covering is a sign of her submission to the authority God-ordained-v.7-9. Hair was a sign of a woman's submission to authority and a man's headship. If a woman does not follow the clear scriptural pattern for woman's hair then she is showing a rebellion against the highest authority of God. Woman should submit to the authority God-ordained.


2. Woman should cover her head because it involves even angels-v.10. The hair is said to be a symbol which speaks both to men and to angels (1 Corinthians 11:10). Hair issue is a serious matter for even the holy angels was here considered. It is the sad truth that many preachers refuse to have anything at all to do with this matter, in spite of the fact that it is something which involves even ministering angels.


3. Woman should pray with long hair as her head covering-v. 13,15. Woman should not attempt to pray and worship the Lord Almighty if their head have no covering of her hair and is not long enough to cover all the part of the head. Do we want our prayer acceptable before God then follow scriptural hair instructions for man and woman.

4. Man with long hair have no teachable spirit or with rebellious attitude-v.14. Think of Absalom who rebelled against his father David which show the reflection of his hair.

5. Man with long hair is a shame unto him-v.14. Man's hair should not cover his ear. Man in America, Asia and Europe did not begin wearing long hair until 1964, when the Beatles rock band arrived, our nation adopted hairstyles from the heathen. A man's head is not to be covered. What gets covered first as the hair grows out on a head? It was the ear, back of the neck, and then the shoulders. The Bible says the man's short hair is proper and that long hair on him is a shame. So, man should wear a short hair.


6. Woman's long hair is a glory to her-v.15. The opposite of shame for men in verse 14 is glory for woman in verse 15, therefore woman should have long hair. Hence, woman with short hair is not glory to her but it is shame unto her. The Bible plainly says the woman's long hair is her glory and covering. So woman should wear a long hair.

7. Nowhere, in the Bible that a man's hair should cover his head. The man's hair covers the scalp, is called short hair. Contrary from woman's hair as head covering, the man's hair is not to cover his head in this manner; it is not to cover his "head" in the sense of being a covering hanging down over and around his head.

8. God has given woman a hair for a purpose of covering the head-v.15. Therefore, in order for a woman to cover her head it should wear long hair. A woman's head is to be covered (and the scripture is not talking about a hat). The hair of a woman must fall down over her head as a natural covering. This obviously means more than merely covering the scalp of the head. It is strongly possible that the covering means the hair is to be long enough to fall down over her head to naturally cover her entire head. It is clearly believe the hair hanging down over the head at least on to the shoulders and covers the back of the neck best fits this description. It is the natural veil hanging down over the head.


9. The hair for man is in contrast with the hair for woman. Today's unisex hair cuts for women are plainly unscriptural. For a woman to wear her hair at a length which would be confused, as that of a man's is wrong. Likewise for a man to wear his hair so that it is confused with that of a woman is wrong. If the hair is unquestionably long, then it is long. If the hair is unquestionably short, then it is short. If it is questionable then it is not long, or it is not short. If you are a woman, and your hair length is questionable, then it is too short. If you are a man, and your hair length is questionable, then it is too long. Why resist what the Bible plainly says? Why not wear your hair so that it is unquestionably in line with Scripture?


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