Pastor Andres Guevara Jr.

April 9, 2003


     We need to know what the Bible teaches about the importance of going to church. May God convicts us and make us forsake our selfish reasons and excuses that justify our wrong practices that makes us convenient and not mindful of the importance of Christian assemblies.

1. The importance of attending to the gathering is manifested in the Old Testament that even animals were being forbidden by the Jews during Sabbath. - Exodus 20:10

2. The violation of the sabbath keeping for the Jews is punishable.
     Example: A man was captured guilty of working during sabbath was killed. - Numbers 15:32-36

3. It is the duty of every church members (like of Messiah Baptist Church) to faithfully attend all the church services every time the door is open.
    Example: When Thomas did not attend one Sunday evening assembly he really missed the blessing of having fellowship with Jesus. Since then, he was called "THE DOUBTING THOMAS". - John 20:24-28.
    The Church worship services that you really need most is the most difficult to attend to. Like the Wednesday evening and the Sunday evening.
    Going to Church worship Services faithfully is truly and highly important in the eyes of God.

    How the coal was taken away from the fire and it becomes cooler and cooler then the fire gradually disappearing until our hands can easily handled it. Likewise, we Christians that was farther from the fire of the Word of God, preaching and forsaken the Christian gatherings of fellow believers is easy to become cold.

4. The zealousness and inspiration of the Believers in going and attending the Church Worship services do not depend on the size, beauty and magnificence of the building.
    The early Christian gatherings was held primarily at the houses or residence of some of the faithful brethren.- Romans 16:5; I Corinthians 16:19; Acts 16:12-15; Acts 16: 30-34; Acts 12:12

5. Why can a Christian could not faithfully and consistently attend church services if they were getting multitudes of spiritual blessings and strengthening from all that church activities.- Acts 2:42-47

    Praying to God --Matt 18: 19-20
    Giving offering to God --1 Corinthians. 16:1-2
    Observing the Lord's Supper --1Cor. 11:23-25
    Teaching the doctrines --- Acts 2:42
    Christian fellowships --- Acts 2:42

6. Attending faithfully to the church can edify the believers.- Hebrews 10:25
    We do not go to church with an objective to acquire strength but we go to church to strengthen others.
    We do not go to church with a motive to get a blessing but we go to church to be a channel of blessings.

7. If Christ resurrected during Sunday and ascended during Sunday, very possible that Christ will return during Sunday so we should not forsake our duty of going to church fellowships and services on Sundays - Hebrews 10:25

8. Some Christians justified their absence in the church by means of their excuses by saying that they never forget God wherever they go. Although God is in their mind, they disobeyed God because faithfulness in going to church services is a command of God.- Hebrews 10:25

9. Some Christians argued, why they still need to be faithful in church worship services whereas not all of those who consistently and regularly attending in the church are right heart before God.

    The heart will become more sinful or evil continually if they do not attend.
    There is a good opportunity that the Lord may speak and change their heart if they will always attend.
    We can not judge that all of those faithful attendees are not right before God.

10. If Christian was pictured as a sheep in the Bible, therefore they need an under shepherd of God.
    Why be away from your Pastor that feeds you spiritually in the church through your negligence in church gathering?

     How can your Pastor protects and guides you as a sheep if you do not heard his preaching of the Word of God? - John 10:27,3-4

11. If Jesus Christ as our good example was regularly present in the synagogue during the Sabbath as practiced by the Jews, likewise we Christians should be faithful in attending church worship services. - Luke 4:16

12. The early church in Jerusalem practiced daily Christian assemblies. - Acts 2:42, 46
    Therefore, we should not complain if there is the Wednesday midweek service and other church activities going on. That is one reason why the early church were more energetic and enthusiastic, and evangelistic and edifying because they get closer to God. May our local church Members practices to attend more church services and join church gatherings.

13. We should be loyal in our own local church where we belong as a member and avoid attending anywhere else. - Acts 2:42, 46
    God will not leads you to a church where you can divide you heart and time to different churches.
    How can God use you in your own local church as a member if your body is in other church place.
    You will be confused of different convictions, stands, or programs from other churches that was different from your own local church if you learn to compare and attend to other churches.

14. Spiritual foods (attending and listening to the preaching of the Word of God) are much necessary than physical foods. - Luke 10:38-42.
    Example: Some believers did not attend in the church because they attend some paganism or catholic religious and traditional ceremonies like babies or child baptism, fiesta celebration, or Sunday weddings, or other occasion that has big lunch or dinner prepared.

15. Church worship services and Christian fellowships and assemblies bring gladness and joy to those faithful attendees. - Psalms 122:1

16. Every time we go to church and come in to worship we should thirst and see the presence or holiness of God in order that we might be purified and fervent in His work and ministry. - Isaiah 6:1-8; Matthew 5:23-24
    Isaiah was deeply affected of the death of King Uzziah but the first thing he did is to enter the sanctuary and there he saw God's glory and Holiness. Hence, Isaiah was encouraged and keep going on and desired to be used by God.

17. How can you use the Spiritual gifts bestowed by the Spirit (I Corinthians 12:1, 4-7) if you are not faithful in attending church services to your own local church as a member. - I Corinthians 4:2; I Corinthians 12:1, 4-7

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