Andres C. Guevara Jr

March 8, 2003


       This lesson shows that God's judgments upon sin, result in blessings to those who believe Him..



     Originally, there was no rain - Genesis 2:5
God provided sufficient moisture to sustain life - Genesis 2:6

When God concluded His creative works of earthly life, everything was very good - Genesis 1:31
When God observed human life in the days of Noah it was full of wickedness - Genesis 6:5
uch a sight greatly grieved the Lord, causing Him to pronounce severe judgment upon the earth - Genesis 6: 6,7,17
When God fulfilled His promise of judgment, he covered the earth with water - Genesis 7:19


1. Rain - Genesis 7:4,12
2. Great deep - Genesis 7:11
3. Windows of heaven - Genesis 7:11 (Genesis 1:6-8)


The extent of the devastation of the flood must have been a horrible scene - Genesis 7:21-23
However, the flood was a signal blessing in many respects:
1. It revealed the spiritual character of Noah - Genesis 6:8,9
2. There was the blessing of the ark - Genesis 6:14-22
Noah constructed the ark according to God's instructions to provide safety from the destruction.
3. The timing of the flood was a blessing.
When Noah got his family and the prescribed number of animals inside, the flood came on schedule just as God said.- Genesis 7:1-9
4. The preservation of those inside the ark
No power could destroy the ark, because it rested in God's protected hand.
Nothing could leave or enter the ark during the flood, until the waters abated.
5. The provision for those inside the ark.
For more than a year Adam and his family lived with all sorts of animals. God enabled them to ride out the flood together.
6. The purification of the flood.
The earth was so corrupt God in His wisdom knew it was better for future generations to destroy the main bulk of life.
Man was still a sinner, but he knew about God and His wrath.
7. The flood gave the human race the blessing of a new beginning.
One can only imagine what the world would be now, if God had not brought the flood.


Since the flood, rain has been a common occurrence.
Benefits of rain to all mankind:- Job 5:10; Psalm 147:8
1. It has a cooling effect in hot weather.
2. It refreshes and purifies the air.
3. It enables plant life to grow and mature
4. It provides freshness to streams and reservoirs

Paul and Barnabas declared rain is a witness of the goodness of God.- Acts 14:17
God bestows rain without discrimination upon His enemies as well as His children. - Matthew 5:45
Such goodness toward the lost is to lead them to repentance. - Romans 2:4

The affection which God manifests toward mankind is too often for granted.
1. Few humans take the time to consider God's goodness and to thank Him.
2. Many believers use rain as an excuse to be unfaithful. (Some stay home from worship because of rain)
3. Many unbelievers have forgotten the first rain. (They had to understand that unbelievers were the main ones on whom God brought the flood)


God promised never to use a flood again to destroy the world. - Genesis 9:11, 17
To emphasize His promise in content and fulfillment, God used the rainbow. - Genesis 9:13

The rainbow does not forego the fact God will destroy the earth by fire one day. - II Peter 3:7

Rain itself, when it results in the devastation of local areas flooding, should continually remind people of the curse of sin and God's judgment on sin. - II Peter 3:9



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