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        In obedience to Christ's Great Commission, the Messiah Baptist Church of Baesa committed
to PRAY,..GO,..PREACH,..and GIVE..for the GOSPEL sake.

      Our mission is to reach all nations for Jesus Christ. Through our faith promise missions program,
the Messiah Baptist Church supports foreign and local missionaries and families worldwide.

       The Annual Missions Conference, every month of March, highlighted by testimonies of the visiting
missionaries, special gifts given and sponsored precious foods prepared by Church members.

      We believe that missions involves reaching our neighbors as well as the nations and we also believe
that everyone can be a part of the Great Commission command and the Acts 1:8 strategy by being
a Goer or a Sender, the only other alternative is disobedience.

      Every month we scheduled our people an opportunity to visit a nearby mission field. Thus, we
equip our people to engage in local mission projects right here at home.