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I Peter 2:1- 3

Andres C. Guevara Jr.

May 2, 2007 Wed. p.m.


     There are so many reasons why some believers do not go to church, or sometimes are not consistent, or with irregularity or have been called the morning Christians or the evening Christians or the Wednesday Christians. Actually, there is no called morning Christians or evening Christians or Wednesday or Sunday Christians we are only the one who are doing or portraying that but we are expected and commanded by God to faithfully attend every church worship services.

     Why? What is the reason why believers seem like those unsaved who just traditionally or occasionally go to church?

     On the other hand, here are some of the points why many believers has an appetite to the Word of God:


      A person who is healthy has a strong appetite every meal time because there are no any infections and sicknesses present in his body.

     In our text there are some things that caused the believers spiritual health sick or unhealthy and that is enumerated in verse 1 as malice, guile, hypocrisies, envies, and evil speaking. Note: Some have bitterness, hidden hurt feeling toward others, and some have unforgiving spirit and with unforgettable memories.

      Before you missed Church services you are infected already or sick spiritually.

     Unhealthy Christians sometimes are those who think to rob the Lord's Day just to earn money.

     Unhealthy Christians obviously think like a child as those who experienced a high blood attack physically that caused to lessen the memory capability of a patient.

Example: Those believer who do not know how to arrange their schedule of commitment

     The Bible says "laying aside" means we need to remove it or put off those things

       Three times the word "all" was emphasized. And we should be sure that we are totally clean and we need to surrender all things that can infect our spiritual health.

     Listen to this, all those who become a newly born spiritual babies came to the point that they have strong desire for the spiritual milk because it was stated that "As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word,"- verse 2

     So do not say that you are used of attending a church only for morning service or evening service or Wednesday service.

     Desire, that is what makes the baby grow healthy spiritually.- verse 2 "that ye may grow thereby."

     The reason why there is a desire about the word of God is because they have tasted that the Lord is gracious according to verse 3 "If so be ye have tasted that the Lord is gracious."

       How could it happen not to have a strong desire for the word of God if you tasted the graciousness of God. It was called "the Word of His grace"- Acts 20:32

       No one can live without the grace of God. Therefore, Christians cannot live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeded out from the mouth of God.- Matt 4:4

     Paul declared all the counsel of God (Acts 20:27) and advised all the elders in Ephesus to feed and be an overseer of the flocks( Acts 20:28) because there are some people who brings some infected diseases that can affect the spiritual health of the believers this both comes from outsider of the church and insider of the church- Acts 20:29-30.

Here are some helpful nutritious for our spiritual health:

1. milk- I Peter 2:2

2. sweeter than honey- Psalms 19:10

3. cleansing water- Ephesians 5:26

      It was so clear that the reason why many Christians defeated by trials or pressures in life is because they are not healthy spiritually. Why? Because they do not esteemed the Word of God more than their necessary food.

Example: Job in Job 23:12

     Strong food makes us healthy person, but in Hebrews 5:12 there are some believers who already done what need to be done but they swallow what they say and go back to the true reflection of who they are and that is they are baby and we need to teach them again and again.


The Bible is clear man cannot live by physical food alone but by every spiritual food also.- Matthew 4:4

     Therefore it is clear that if we eat three times a day excluding some snacks in the morning and afternoon for our alive physical body it is obvious and expected for those who are alive spiritually to eat or take the Word of God many times within a single day.

     How could we live just by listening the message of the Pastor once a week and that is only in the morning service. Are you not hungry in the evening or Wednesday?

     The Psalmist says he love the Word of God and he meditate it all the day not half day.- Psalms 119:97. The problem is not the distant, not the schedule, not the program, not the preacher, but the love to the Word of God !!!

     When Christ ascended into heaven the disciples gathered together in one accord in prayer and scriptures (Acts 1:14,16) and they continued steadfastly (not occasionally or irregularity or inconsistently) in the apostles doctrine and fellowship (Acts 2:42) and they continuing daily (not Sunday only ) -Acts 2:46 That is the difference of the disciples of the past and the disciples of today.

     Today church members will get angry when you remind them of the evening service or Wednesday services or will think of some alibi to lie, or will just smile at you and ignore you, or will get nervous once you face them to remind them of other church services.

     The problem of today's Christians is not Pastor to preach, place of worship, persecution of government, provided vehicle, but no hungry for righteousness.-Matthew 5:6

     It is not only because a person is satisfied or enjoyed the meal but also because he/she is hungry why a person go back frequently and to the kitchen or the restaurant for food.

     Note: You will not go back in the evening service or Wednesday service unless you feel hungry during the evening service or Wednesday preaching.

     The reason why people get hungry for food to eat because it is already their schedule of time to eat for their stomach.

       Remember hungry people is a growing people.- I Peter 2:2


       People who are down and depressed by some heavy burden or circumstances become unhappy and find hard to have some appetite to eat their meals.

     The Bible says "Blessed (means happy) is the man that that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. - Psalms 1:1

       The true happy people described in the bible are not those who got a lot of money, or good job, or owned lot and mansions but those who have time to study and meditate the Word of God day and night not half day Christians.

     Jesus Christ said we should not only satisfied of knowing things but we should do things that we know in order to be happy.- John 13:17

       If you know it is right not to forsake the assembly of ourselves together and to be faithful in your local church then do it, attend every services of your church.

    The reason why many church members and Christians attendees do not attend church regularly and consistently is because they are not happy in their Christian life or church life.

Example: They have been downed by some disappointment, frustrations, and afflictions in life.

Example: They are more happy to watch T.V., just doing their assignment not minding

     God at all, cook physical food, do some sideline of job during Sundays, shopping malls than listening to the Word of God from the pulpit.

Note: Some say and act like a happy person but actually they are happy by his own but not happy in the Lord because their happiness is not based in obedience to the Lord.

Example: Some says they are not happy in going to church anymore because of others testimony who really offended them. Listen, these people are high minded people they do not see themselves as having some defect or failures in life but focused on finding the faults of others. They should see and be blessed by other's good testimony. Do not expect everyone to be all right in fact what will be the used of preaching if all are right before the Lord.

The reason why during bible times the believers in Jerusalem gathered daily in the temple is because of gladness and singleness of heart.- Acts 2:46

Warning: Dead spiritual people can go to church, can become active in their church program, can sacrifice for their overnight crusade in spite of distant places.

       Can you explained why some people who are claiming to be saved are lazy to go to church, half day attendees, sleepy worshippers, and no involving in their church program, without any sacrifice for God?