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1 Timothy 2:9
Andres C. Guevara Jr.
November 11, 2007 Sun a.m.


I Timothy 2:9-10 makes it clear that God has something to say about how women dress. He is interested in both your appearance and your heart. He is not only interested in your heart. It is not truthful to say that God does not care how you dress, as long as your heart is right. These verses make it clear that appearance is important. Most Christians do not want anyone to talk about how to dress, but here in this passage of scripture, God is telling the people in the church of Ephesus how to dress.


The word “added” are mentioned both in verses 41 and 47

God identifies man and woman is various ways:

God identified the two gender during creation—Genesis 1:27

God identified the respective home roles for husband and wife—Ephesians 5:22-23, 24-25

God identified the authority in the church for man and woman—I Corinthians 14:34-35; I timothy 2:11-12

God identified the length of the hair for man and woman—I Corinthians 11:3-16

Therefore, there is nothing surprising if God identified man and woman in the way they dressed. When it comes to dressing there is first the:


God’s strict gender identification is shown in the way they dress—Deuteronomy 22:5. For those who disobeyed this God’s clear identification is abomination to Him.  

God wants to maintain and protect our gender identity through dress. Woman should appear like a woman—I Timothy 2:9 “…women adorn themselves Therefore there is nothing such as unisex or neutral gender dress.

Parents are accountable and responsible for their babies and children what to wear. The goal of the parent is to raise a boy who will become masculine image and a girl will grow into a feminine stature an personality. If we want produce a real man we should rear them like a man. If we want to produce a real woman we should rear them like a woman.


•      In the mall and department stores or restaurants we can see the sign image of a woman who wear skirt and men who wear pant at the door of each comfort room.

•      To make the film realistic about the lesbian, the actress should wear jeans or pants.

•      When there is a commotion between the couple in the home, the angry men will shout "who wear pants in this house?" or "Who should be the one wearing pants".

•      The school uniform of the high school distinguished the boy and the girl.


God made a clear distinction between man and woman.

The Jeans is called "breeches" in Exodus 28:42 (in tagalog word for Filipinos are salawal, pantalon, kalson) and obviously this was only being used by men. Only around late 60’ women started to wear masculine look like pants or jeans.

Disregarding the style of the pant, undeniable it is still a pant.

Example: Short pants (very very short) (lustful for woman)-Matthew 5:28

Pantsuits Jogging pants Hanging pants

Square pants

Tight jeans


**About Pant?

Noun: “Pant”

Webster Definition: an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle. (Not for woman distinctive)

Origin: short for pantaloons

First Known Use: 1840 (Just a manmade modern design and not in the bible)

**How about slacks?

Webster defined slacks as "trousers for men or women; esp., trousers that are not part of a suit." (Webster's New World Dictionary- Second College Edition).

Wikipedia Encyclopedia defined Slacks is a common term used to reference pants or trousers. This term is generally restricted to dress pants, usually of the pleated variety. "Slacks" in reference to loose-fitting trousers is a term that has been used since, at least, 1824

Therefore, slacks is another term for pants. It has no clear distinction for woman that was condemned in Deuteronomy 22:6. It was only a man-made modern design since at least 1824.  


Godly instruction must come from God’s Word and not from man’s wisdom—I Cor.2:6-7.

God’s instruction must be obeyed no matter what—Philippians 4:11-13.

The Bible has clear instructions:


I Peter 3:5 “the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorn themselves This describes to us that those who trusted God promotes the beauty of holiness.

The priority of adornment is the holiness or the inner beauty that is pleasing in God’s sight—v.3-4

1.    Holy adornment “holy women”

2.    Christian adornment “who trusted in God”

3.    Old fashioned adornment “in the old time”

4.    Christian model adornment “after this manner”

If we have these principles in our heart we need also these principles to manifest in our outer appearance.


I Timothy 2:9adorn”. Greek word is “KOSMEO” which means to put in proper order. Adorn means to bring beauty (Beauty as a woman and not appearance as a man). Therefore, there must be orderly arrangement.

Woman is for man. The head of a woman is man. That is the proper order. When a woman adorn themselves she must appear in the image of subjection to her husband—I Peter 3:5. Dress reveals rebellion or subjection.


The size includes the width and the height or the length. The bible has something to say about the length of the garment

 I Timothy 2:9 say, “in modest apparel”. The Greek word for apparel is ‘KATASTOLE”. (This is connected with Katastello, which means to send or let down, to lower. KATA, “down”, STELLO, “to send”) Understandably, KATASTOLE means to send down in a draping fashion. (It was not tight or close to the skin or showing indecent part of woman's body.)

 It was primarily a garment let down; hence, “dress, attire,” in general (“stole, a loose outer garment worn by kings and persons of rank

 Hence, we do not agree and allow any women who wear mini-skirt or skirt on the knee and above the knee. That is entirely opposite for KATASTOLE.

 The bible clearly speaks about how Christian woman adorn themselves in MODESTY. The Greek word is KOSMIOS meaning decent, orderly, and decorous which means of good behavior. This plainly describes not sensual or fleshly attraction, not self centered looks.

 Therefore, the right statement in I Timothy 2:9 it seems like this, “Woman orderly arranges themselves in decent long dress. Not all long are decent or not lustful. It must be both DECENT and LONG or MODEST APPAREL or KOSMIOS KATASTOLE. The ladies lifestyle of dressing should not draw attention purposely for the beauty and costly of the garments but draw attention for their modesty as a woman. 

I beg every woman not wear any dress contrary to the biblical dress inside the church. Don’t do that. Be a bible woman not a lustful woman. It could have some effects: 1. It insults the preacher 2. It confuse other people especially the new one. 3. It influences others to do the same 4. It hinders the church growth of holiness. 5. It penetrates the lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh which both are the effective weapons of Satan in the book of Genesis. 


The Apostle continues in I Timothy 2:9 with shamefacedness.

The word shamefacedness is in Greek word “AIDOS” which means a sense of shame, modesty is used regarding the demeanor of women in the church (VINES complete expository dictionary of Old and New Testament words).

Shamefacedness is that modesty which is fast or rooted in the character.

Aidos is used here and not aischune. Aidos is having regards to others.

Aidos would always restrain a good man from an unworthy act, while aischune would sometimes retrain a bad one. (Vines complete expository dictionary)

This describes a woman who feels ashamed to offend others therefore she is concerned of others spirituality not her own physical appeal. She caused not man to commit lustful act or evil thoughts— Matthew 5:28


Paul continues “and sobriety—I Timothy 2:9

Sobriety in Greek word “SUPHROSUNE” means “soundness of mind”, “sanity” or “self control”. It has to do with the mind. Therefore, we must be sober (with soundness of mind) for the devil is like a roaring lion (I Peter 5:8) that attacks effectively the mind of the first woman when he masquerades in the image of the serpent.

Sobriety is connected with holiness—I Timothy 2:15 Therefore holiness in woman dress must be primary thing. God provides covering (Genesis 3:21), while Satan promotes nakedness (Luke 8:26-35). When demon possessed met Jesus the bible says he man “ware no clothes” (v.27) but when evil spirits departed the body of that man the bible says he was clothed, and in his right mind. (v.35) Sobriety has to do with the way you dress that have to say what kind of mind you have.