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Acts 6:1- 15
June 21, 2009 Sun p.m.


The Devil attacks the church (the body of Christ)

If you are unsaved, your main problem is that you are bound to hell and be with the devil forever if you will remain in your condemned condition and do not repent and have not trusted the gospel of Christ until you die. —John 3:18; Matthew 25:41

The Devil can divide, discouraged the members, and leaders of the church.


A.      The Devil attacks a growing church—v.1

In v.1 the word “multiplied” means the church is growing and the word “murmuring” shows the attacks of the Devil.

Satan will not attack carnal church, backslider members, but only growing church.

Satan will attack leaders of the church to quit in the ministry.

B.      The Devil attacks a praying church—v.4, 6

Look v.4 the word “continually to prayer”.

Satan didn’t tremble when Christians give offering, go to church, read and listen to the Word of God but the Devil trembled when the weak saints kneel down to pray.

A praying church is a blessed church. “A day without prayer is a day without blessing and a life without prayer is a life without power.”

Satan knows that God will answer the prayer of the righteous—James 5:16

Satan knows that prayer is the most powerful thing in the life of \Christians. A praying church is a powerful church.—Ephesians 6:18

C.      The Devil attacks a witnessing church—v.7, 8

In v.7 the word “increased” means the Word of God is being preach, and the word “multiplied” means the result is blessing.

Satan wants every members of the church to be disobedient to the Great Commission: sleeping during visitation, going around but never witnessing about Jesus, gossiping during visitation, doing household work during visitation.

If we are a witnessing church, then blessing will pour without end. Look the word “and” in v.7 mentioned 3 times and v.8 mentioned once.

Once you are saved you are always saved and the Devil can’t take away your salvation, however, the Devil doesn’t want you share that free gift of God’s salvation to others.


A.      By sowing division, seeds of discontent, unrest, criticism, jealousy and disaffection—v.1

Look at v.1 the word “murmuring”.

B.      By causing God’s servants to be so occupied with secondary things that priorities become neglected—v. 2- 4

Our priority is Jesus Christ not any ministries that we have. Our first love is Jesus Christ. He is our life; He is our everything.

Our primary purpose in life is to glorify Him. We must obey His Words and His commands.

C.      By engineering strong opposition to the gospel—v.9, 11, 12, 13

Here we can picture Stephen as preaching the gospel and the Libertines, Cyrenians, Alexandrians, Cilicians, Asians disputing against Stephen.

Even in Paul’s day there are Judaizers who teaches that salvation by faith is not enough and one must keep the law.—Galatians 1:6-9

Lot of cults and false religious groups spread by Satan around the world to catch and deceive the dying souls of men.